About Us

NJ Security Limited was formed in 2008.
Since 2004, the Private Security Industry has been regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The SIA are working towards Setting, Maintaining and Raising the standards within the Private Security Industry; to enable them to accomplish this all security personnel have to have undertaken an SIA approved course and hold an SIA License To Practice to enable them to work within the Private Security Industry.
As an SIA approved training company NJ Security Limited has the capacity to utilise professionally qualified and industry experienced instructors to deliver the exceptionally high standard of training that is expected by our candidates. This provides our company with the opportunity to satisfy the increasing demand for professionally qualified individuals that are hoping to carve out careers within the Private Security Industry.

Our Vision

To guide individuals’ step-by-step through rewarding and enjoyable training, certification, licensing and into employment. This is achieved by ensuring they receive the highest quality services available, gaining significant career and earnings potential. In order to supply the security industry with the highest quality employees, with the highest standard of training and commitment to their work, your company and the customer.

NJ Security Limited’s Mission

To provide the most renowned and respected security training service available in the UK.
To provide “second to none” customer care every step of the way motivating and developing our customers and business relationships.
To ensure the security industry receives to highest quality of trained and licensed individuals. Promoting growth, sustainability and increased productivity.
To encourage training and education through continuous innovation and technology.
To support deprived and unfortunate individuals and communities by providing education leading towards opportunities in life.

Training ProgrammesThat Work!

I am sure you have attended cleverly sold courses and training before. Only to find their marketing was a lot more substantial than their course content and training expertise. We often get learners on our courses who unfortunately made this mistake. They have tried other training companies based on promises of this and that, only to leave feeling they haven’t really learned any skills or knowledge they can use in the workplace.
We pride ourselves on over delivering in our training programmes, offering over and above what is required every single time. We want you to actually use our material and the skills we teach effectively and confidently in your line of work. You will find real value in attending our training courses. Our training works, and it works beautifully. Our feedback shows it, and our customers, organistations and trainers cherish it.
Our recognition as Master Trainers and SIA approval guarantees our training package and customer service is amongst the best in the UK. With our status you have the confidence we offer only the best training available.
Master trainer and SIA accreditation was created to ensure door supervisors, trainers and the security industry receive the highest quality in security industry training. The kind of training required to ensure professional, effective and safe delivery of security skills and techniques in the workplace.

Our Integrity

Our integrity as a company and as trainers is held in the highest regard. If we create a training programme in which we have no belief in, deliberately knowing that the people we teach will find little value in its content and effectiveness, then we are harming you, the industry and ourselves, and should question what we are doing.
That is why we over deliver in every area. We give everything possible, pouring our heart and soul in to our service and training materials for the benefit of others. Our integrity shines through in everything we do, from your first contact to our continued and unparalleled support.

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